Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday ended up being filled to overflowing, so I didn't even have an opportunity to write.  It was all good.  I'll fill you in right now.

First of all, our Anniversary dinner (on Monday) was terrific!  We went to Zoers and were treated royally by the servers there.  I tried the Provencale Panini and Tim had the Surf & Turf (I think).  They treated us to a warm apple fritter topped with ice cream.  It was delic! 

Yesterday, my friend called me on the phone, asking if I wanted to go out for tea.  Since I didn't have anything planned till later, I jumped at the opportunity.  By the time we got to town it was 11:30, and she ended up taking me out for lunch at The RiverhouseIt was delicious!  We enjoyed a good visit.

After that I went back to town for the afternoon, where I found out that I was able to decline the offer for the 1 hour a week job because I will be employed at Extra Foods at the end of August (if not sooner).  This made me do a happy dance in my heart!  It isn't a full-time position, but I will be able to work a variety of shifts with differing duties, then still have enough time to build up a bookkeeping business.  I'm very excited!  Somebody wants me!

I saw my counsellor after that, then went to the grocery store to shop.  It seems  that my daughter is rubbing off on me because I found that I spent most of the time in the fruit and vegetable section, and only made it through 1/2 of the store before I decided we'll have to make do with what I'd picked out.  It was all within my budget, thankfully!  My job today is to cut up all the fruit and veggies, so they're easy to grab to eat.  That seems to be the best way for us... plus, it doesn't fit in my fridge properly any other way.  I did realize I missed getting garbage bags and a few other necessities, so we'll have to pick those up later.

Candle received her last High School report card, and in the past we have celebrated by going to Dairy Queen for Blizzards.

Tim and I spent the evening at counselling, then arrived home late (and tired).

It was a good day! 

Today I need to make myself get the junk hidden from sight.   I think I'm going to go with an old box, and when I don't know where "someone" thinks it belongs, I will chuck it in the box.  We'll see how that goes, anyways.

My Five Good Things today are:

1.  Spur of the moment ideas
2.  Friends who want to visit with me
3.  A promise of a new job
4.  Three paydays in a row - bills are able to be paid
5.  Pictures are up in our bedroom... almost done!

What was good for you today?  I love reading about these things!



Hope said...

Wow - you had a HUGE day yesterday - it would take me 3 days to recover from all those things. Sounds like lots of good things though.

Really great news about having some work. You are sounding so much more positive in recent days. I trust that is a true reflection of how you are feeling. Take care today.

Laurel said...

Wow is right! Cool reports, Dawn. I love Smithers. I click on all your links to see what these places look like. It was such a beautiful little town when we were there in the 80s, and I'm sure it's only gotten better. We actually only stayed in a hotel there once, and it was a cheap one on the highway and we shared a single bed! :D :D Some day we'll make it back up, I hope.

bcsmithereens said...

Thanks Hope! I appreciate your comment that you trust my positiveness is a true reflection of how I am feeling. I must admit, I'm still not jumping up and down with excitement about life, however, I have been able to do more, and I truly mean that I am thankful for the things I mention.

Laurel, glad you liked the links. I bet that cheap hotel is still there!

Enjoy your day!