Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday my day went well.  I spent the evening watching a few shows with my daughter, and my son watched some too.  It's not too often that we're in the same room as each other, except for the odd meal, and when Candle wants to go driving.

I was able to catch up on some email replies as well.  I certainly don't write as much as in the olden days (RVA or College), but some people aren't on facebook as much, so prefer email. 

I'm looking forward to my new hair cut, which is happening this very afternoon.  I think I told you about that yesterday, but wanted to mention it again.

My Five Good Things today are:

1.  My daughter serving Subway sandwiches for dinner.  Thanks girl!
2.  My son lending me his car.
3.  Finding out we're being blessed with some more gift cards in the morning!
4.  Getting the library looking a bit better.
5.  Our power coming back on after being off for 7 hours.

Anything you'd care to share?  I'd love to hear how your weather is, what your hairstyle is like (what colour it is today), where you volunteer, work, and how you find value in yourself.  Leave me a line!



Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Dawn! :)

The weather in Whitehorse (you may or may not already know this) is wonderful right now. It's having trouble making up it's mind about rain, but it's quite pleasant otherwise.

I got a part-time job at the monster Cdn Tire we have here now (3 yrs old already!) and found out I qualify for a mortgage on my own! Very exciting. One of my kitties has a lump that I'm trying not to be concerned about and have booked a vet appointment for him next week to get it checked out.

I'm walking to work this week as I've been driving far too much (I still have my winter tires on! Yikes! I'm really, really late this year) and the weather, as I said, has been quite lovely.

Hmm...I think I'm going to have to add you to my blogroll. I'm not sure why I haven't already done so, but I'll do it now so I don't forget. Have a lovely day!

Annie in

bcsmithereens said...

Annie, thanks for the update! (And also a name to go with your blog). So glad your weather is good! My sista is in the middle of trying to move from Whitehorse, says it's a great time to sell a home... so make sure you don't get bound into a mortgage you won't be able to pay for later (just from my advice I've been hearing). Glad you qualify on your own though!

So sorry about your kitty! Where's the lump? How many cats do you have? Pictures? I hope it's nothing to worry about.

Good for you to walk to work! I remember having to bike to work before 6 am in the summer, from Porter Creek to the Edgewater (there was no other way than the highway back then).

Thanks for thinking of adding me to your blogroll! I read yours faithfully. I've also begun following a couple of sites you check into (Distractible Jane & A Mainland Streel). Maybe if I still lived in Whitehorse we would have been buds... but this way works too.

I really appreciate you sharing today! Enjoy that weather.


Lisa said...

Hi Dawn. Just wanted to say Hi. Are the kids really that grown? It is so wierd trying to picture them grown up when I remember them being sooo very young.
I wish I had an interest in reading, I love the thought of it but never got into it, seems like it would be a relaxing hobby.
I too am trying my hardest to appriciate the domestic vs working side of life. Have been stay at home for almost 3 years now and some days i am so unbelievably bored of dishes and I am not the best cook and enjoy it a little bit less than most but I try and mostly get by. But I love that I can stay home and raise the boys, I think though that when they get a bit older I will prob find a part time job just to keep some sanity.
We don't have any pets yet but as you may have read we are hoping to move back into the interior, Quesnel and If that flies then we will definatly be getting the puppy to grow with the boys. Anyways just thought I would say hello and I appriciate your blog. take care

bcsmithereens said...

Lisa, Thanks for writing! Yes, the kids are that grown... and your girls are getting there too. The boys are so cute.
I'm so happy that you're planning to move to Quesnel. The property is beautiful there! It would be a nice spot for the boys. Does your fabulous dude have a job to go to there?
When's your wedding? And where will it be?
I miss seeing you around.
Thanks for reading too. Hope you enjoy it.