Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Festival

Well, I want to pat myself on my back, but don't want to break my arm doing it... but I've gone to the gym two days in a row!  Yesterday I only went on the bike machine, and I wasn't sore or anything today.  Today I went on this thing that really made parts of me hurt, but it quit when I was finished (thank you Jesus!).  After that brief trip I went on the treadmill.  Now I don't know about anyone else, but I felt like I was pushing on the handles to keep going... then I was told to make it speed up and things were hunky dory... until 9 minutes later, when I had to quit.  H & I figure that even if we only burned enough calories that 1/2 a cookie would be, it was better than sitting on the couch... so we'll go again 2 times next week.

Nothing much planned for me this weekend (not that that's surprising).  Monday is Tim's and my  24th Anniversary.  We don't really do much for things like that... maybe next year though.  

So, my Five Good Things for today are:

1.  The chore chart is working - not perfectly, and I haven't made ANY money on it yet, but it is working!
2.  Candle passed her driver's test!  Good job girl!
3.  My business cards are printed!
4.  A God who has met all my needs... and even thrown in a few perks too.
5.  Itch relief - the bottoms of my feet haven't itched in about an hour.  Don't know what did it... maybe the "workout sweat".

Enjoy your weekend!



Jane said...

Wow - 24 years! Congratulations! (I'm also glad that your feet stopped itching.)

Laurel said...

Congratulations on 24 years, Dawn and Tim! :)

bcsmithereens said...

Thanks Jane and Laurel!... but the itching's back again. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

SnoWhite said...


As a side note {sorry about the email ... it should be working soon} -- you can get a word cloud of labels on your blog by adding a "gadget" to your blog. I believe the gadget is for labels, and then you have some choices about how you want to display your labels. Does that help? If not, send me an email at:

bcsmithereens said...

Thank you SnoWhite! Got it.