Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday ended up being filled to overflowing, so I didn't even have an opportunity to write.  It was all good.  I'll fill you in right now.

First of all, our Anniversary dinner (on Monday) was terrific!  We went to Zoers and were treated royally by the servers there.  I tried the Provencale Panini and Tim had the Surf & Turf (I think).  They treated us to a warm apple fritter topped with ice cream.  It was delic! 

Yesterday, my friend called me on the phone, asking if I wanted to go out for tea.  Since I didn't have anything planned till later, I jumped at the opportunity.  By the time we got to town it was 11:30, and she ended up taking me out for lunch at The RiverhouseIt was delicious!  We enjoyed a good visit.

After that I went back to town for the afternoon, where I found out that I was able to decline the offer for the 1 hour a week job because I will be employed at Extra Foods at the end of August (if not sooner).  This made me do a happy dance in my heart!  It isn't a full-time position, but I will be able to work a variety of shifts with differing duties, then still have enough time to build up a bookkeeping business.  I'm very excited!  Somebody wants me!

I saw my counsellor after that, then went to the grocery store to shop.  It seems  that my daughter is rubbing off on me because I found that I spent most of the time in the fruit and vegetable section, and only made it through 1/2 of the store before I decided we'll have to make do with what I'd picked out.  It was all within my budget, thankfully!  My job today is to cut up all the fruit and veggies, so they're easy to grab to eat.  That seems to be the best way for us... plus, it doesn't fit in my fridge properly any other way.  I did realize I missed getting garbage bags and a few other necessities, so we'll have to pick those up later.

Candle received her last High School report card, and in the past we have celebrated by going to Dairy Queen for Blizzards.

Tim and I spent the evening at counselling, then arrived home late (and tired).

It was a good day! 

Today I need to make myself get the junk hidden from sight.   I think I'm going to go with an old box, and when I don't know where "someone" thinks it belongs, I will chuck it in the box.  We'll see how that goes, anyways.

My Five Good Things today are:

1.  Spur of the moment ideas
2.  Friends who want to visit with me
3.  A promise of a new job
4.  Three paydays in a row - bills are able to be paid
5.  Pictures are up in our bedroom... almost done!

What was good for you today?  I love reading about these things!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Memories on Mondays

From this: 
don'tcha love those glasses?

To this:

I've never written down "our story" before, and most people probably wouldn't believe it, but for posterity (whoever she is), I will share my side of the story:
It all began before I knew it did, but I've been told that while I was on tour with Dayspring (our college travelling singing group) during the summer of 1985 we stopped at a place I had been at before, this little hick town in the middle of nowhere, British Columbia.  Mind you, there were many more smaller hick towns, so this was nothing new.  

Anyways, we performed at one of the churches just out of town,  (I happened to share a small testimony) and carried on our way.  It was that night, after the performance, that Tim said to his Dad, "I'd like to marry a girl like that some day."   

About six weeks later, I returned to my final year of college (at least, I thought it would be!), and low and behold this cute young fellow walked by.  I asked his name and he told me.  A few days later I was in the library (studying!  - after all, it was the first week of school, and I wanted to make a  good impression), and I noticed this cute guy (I didn't remember him) sitting on the floor reading a book.  The words, "How old are you?"  popped out of my mouth... TRULY!, and I found out then and there that I was 1 month older than him, to the day.  

My next question was, "What are you reading?"  He responded with a Missionary story.  I informed him I was a missionary kid...   from then it went to asking him if he'd like to see a movie being shown at another college in town.  He said yes, then sat beside me... (I later found out he'd seen the movie about 5 times before).  We went out for snackage at The Keg with my friends, and that night, as I was staying in a friend's bedroom, I told her, "You can have him if you like him."  (As if he were mine to give).  rom then on we were pretty much inseperable at meals and after studying.  I even went to breakfasts, and stayed to have tea after each meal.  

About 3 weeks later I informed him that I planned on getting married the next summer, and if he didn't have any intentions of that, then he better just move along so I could find out who I would be marrying... I AM NOT JOKING ABOUT THIS!!!  (*** And I would never advise anyone to do such a stupid thing, either***)  I also said that the next guy I kissed would be the one I was going to marry.

Anyways, time went on, and we still hung out.  Before Christmas vacation I had written him daily letters, and planned to use my gift money to buy a bus ticket to visit him in Smithers.  I arrived there December 31, 1985 and he greeted me with the question, "May I kiss you?"  He also started callling me "hon" that day.  That evening was a New Year's Eve party at the church and many people asked if I was Wendy (the last girl he had dated ). That didn't go over too well.  Anyways, we left to go to his parent's place and stayed up all night smooching.  Can't say that I'd ever done that before then or after.  But it was a good memory.

In March Tim planned to ask me to marry him.  He called my Dad, in Kenya, and asked if it would be okay.  I had warned him not to ask for my hand in marriage, as my Dad would likely to reply with, "You've got to take all of her!".  Unfortunately, I have a tendency to ruin good things, and I made a mess of the evening, but we did get engaged and set a date - June 28th - that year!  We chose that day because it was a long weekend in Canada and the Vancouver Expo was on too, so people from all over Canada could/would come.

So, that's my side of the story.  Parts of it have been briefly brought up in the last year or two, to our kids... and I think they really don't believe it... but it's true... I was a bit manipulative and bossy... but I'm better now!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's your story?  I'd love to hear it.  Marriage hasn't been easy, but it's getting easier!  

Five Good Things:

1.  Tim - he's the best part of me!
2.  We haven't quit!
3.  We won't quit!
4.  Memories!
5.  Future!

Enjoy your day... we're out to dinner tonight.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Festival

Well, I want to pat myself on my back, but don't want to break my arm doing it... but I've gone to the gym two days in a row!  Yesterday I only went on the bike machine, and I wasn't sore or anything today.  Today I went on this thing that really made parts of me hurt, but it quit when I was finished (thank you Jesus!).  After that brief trip I went on the treadmill.  Now I don't know about anyone else, but I felt like I was pushing on the handles to keep going... then I was told to make it speed up and things were hunky dory... until 9 minutes later, when I had to quit.  H & I figure that even if we only burned enough calories that 1/2 a cookie would be, it was better than sitting on the couch... so we'll go again 2 times next week.

Nothing much planned for me this weekend (not that that's surprising).  Monday is Tim's and my  24th Anniversary.  We don't really do much for things like that... maybe next year though.  

So, my Five Good Things for today are:

1.  The chore chart is working - not perfectly, and I haven't made ANY money on it yet, but it is working!
2.  Candle passed her driver's test!  Good job girl!
3.  My business cards are printed!
4.  A God who has met all my needs... and even thrown in a few perks too.
5.  Itch relief - the bottoms of my feet haven't itched in about an hour.  Don't know what did it... maybe the "workout sweat".

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm not going to start off being thankful... does anyone else out there suffer from the fact that mosquitoes love their blood?  I have the most itchy bottoms of my feet than I can ever remember... and I'm the scratchy kind of person!  Now the bites are big and swollen, and my feet are burning.  I've even put an ice pack on them to relieve the itch, but all it does is make the ice melt!  Any advice? 

When I was 8 months pregnant with Candle (a LONG TIME AGO) we had a bad year for grass fleas... well, actually a Good Year for Grass Fleas... except it was a bad year for me.  My cousin was supposed to come from Alberta to help out with Nathan, but she took one look at my legs and decided to stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Surrey, rather than help me.  She was young, mind you, but she said to me, "I don't want my legs to look like yours!"  I use to want to wear flea collars on my ankles when we lived in that basement suite.  I literally would pull the covers off our bed in the middle of the night, and find those stupid things jumping around in our bed... not touching so much as a hair on Tim!

Now that you know my pain, I guess I still have things to be thankful for:

Five Good Things:

1.  Nate's soccer team won their game last night.  This is the 2nd year I haven't gone to any of his games, as he's in the adult league.  Tim still tries to go.  I want to, but really feel I need to give him some space of his own.  When he asks, I'll go watch and cheer with pleasure.

2.  Candle's taking her driver's test today.  I really know she is capable of doing well.  Here's hoping!

3.  We slept in our room last night!  Finally!  It was so cozy when I turned on the bedside lamp, all dark and clean... loved it.  Now if I can just get the blinds put up, it'll be even better.

4.  It's Gym Day!  I'm going... at 3 pm... to meet my friend H... with runners... and shorts... and I'm going to sit on one of those machines and work away... even if it's only for 15 minutes to start.  Have I ever told you how much I hate the "E" word?  (Excercise is Evil)

5.  Someone commented on my post yesterday:  "see also how your list of thankfuls are more than just a few words? they're now paragraphs....very cool!"... that is a good thing, isn't it?

How's your day turning out?  Anything special (or not) to share?  I'd love to hear from you.  Please remember that I do try to respond to every comment posted, so if you've left me a message, check back there the next day or so.

Enjoying the clouds today.  Oh, that's SIX!



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already?  That seems so strange to me!  We've been having the warmest weather and it's just beautiful.  The last 2 days the forecast has been for rain, but none has hit our home yet.

Today I think I'll share my list of things and leave it at that, so here it is

Five Good Things:

1.  Kal Tire - One of Nate's tires has been clicking for about a week... you know, the annoying "tick tick tick" you hear when you are driving, and you think to yourself, I'll just take the rock out when I stop... and you forget...  Well, today I borrowed his car, and thought to check for the "rock", when I saw it was a screw.  Kal Tire was only a couple of blocks away, so I popped in, and they popped out the screw in about 1/2 an hour, and away I went... No Charge!  (The benefits of buying all your tires at one place). 

2.  A good dog - Candle's American Eskimo, Piko (pronounced like "Pekoe", as in tea) was with me.  The car was too warm to leave him in, and I didn't have a leash or collar for him.  I tried to remind him of all his 4-H training, and walked him to where Candle was working (A & W) and treated him with a doggie bone and a bowl of ice cream.  He behaved himself quite well.

3.  I got a job!!! - About a week ago I had received a phone call, saying that the position I had applied for had been filled.  Yesterday I received another call, saying that that hadn't worked out, so it was being offered to me.  It's only for about 1/2 an hour to 1 hour of work a week (anytime on the weekends) and I'll get paid for a 3 hour shift.  Not much, but the extra $$ is going to allow me to treat Tim to some regular woodworking money...  I don't have anything else that we are in dire need of, and winters are long here, so having something for him to be able to do is very important!

4.  Tim - What can I say?  Yesterday he surprised me with finishing the screen inserts for our bedroom windows.  He even put up the baseboards and window moldings.  I am amazed how classy it looks in there!  Better than I imagined.  Pictures will follow sometime, but not till I've got everything the way I want it.  Thanks Tim!  I know it's not something you wanted to do, but wow!

5.  Healing - Over the past 10 months I have noticed how I am being touched by God's hands, healing me emotionally and it's affecting other areas in my life.  Many of you have stood for me in prayer, and I want to thank you all for any part you've had or are having in my healing.  I realize this will be ongoing, and that we are not guaranteed an easy life, but without friends who have held me up in prayer, I would not be where I am today. 

I want you to know that even though I may not know you're reading my entries into my blog,  God does!  I pray that He would use me to speak to someone else, through the things I've experienced, gone through, dealt with, am dealing with... I want to be used by God to help others, as He has helped me through others.  It's sort of like a Pay It Forward plan.

Be blessed today.  He wants you to be blessed!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Memories on Mondays

My day began with a surprise... a  blessing actually!  Someone from church had left a box of chicken breasts in the freezer for us.  I certainly don't know who it was, but if you do... please tell them "Thanks" from us!

It only got better from there!  I had one of the most embarrassing moments of my life take place without me even realizing it.  I won't include any details... everything's hunky dory now.

Today was the Good Food Box again.  I think I mentioned it here last month.  What a variety of food:  pears, carrots, cauliflower, green onions, radishes, celery, broccoli, potatoes, and apples.  Mmmmmmmm... now, who's going to make something with them?

Dear Daughter (DD) was asked to be a grad escort this coming week.  I think it's pretty cool.  Now to find a dress to use.  She'd prefer wearing a tux (because it is a girl - who is a friend, but I don't know anyone who has one in her size).

Last night the kids took us out for Father's Day.  I don't know how I managed to get invited... but it was definitely an awesome meal!  Thanks Nate and Candle... you're two fantastic offspring.

I think I've admitted to myself that I really still want to get back into bookkeeping for employment.  Back to what I was doing up until 3 years ago... working in smaller businesses, posting entries, and making order of chaos.  If you want something to pray about, I would appreciate prayer regarding networking for this... I need to meet the right people who know someone who needs a bookkeeper, or needs one themselves.  I really enjoyed  the flexibility and getting satisfaction from completing a specific task (whether it be a month-end, quarter-end, or year-end).  There may need to be some upgrading to take too, which I would enjoy as well.

Here are my Five Good Things:
1.  Clothing sales when you have something specific in mind.
2.  The blessings from God... every one of them!
3.  People who are nudged by God and follow through.
4.  The "perfect dress" for Candle to wear for the grad.
5.  That I want to learn and grow again.

So, that's it for me today.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready to  face this week.  I also hope you like my new "summer look".  Gotta keep current.  Oh, does anyone know how I can make my labels on the side show up in larger sizes (and darker font) the more common I use them?  Something to do with an HTML code... HELP?!?!?!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday's Savor - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Yesterday spurred on a comment made by my Sista.  She wrote:  "Ok...I get being thankful for paint brushes...but maybe I should sent my three year old your way for a bit...refresh your memory of how good finger painting can"

Well here's proof of how artistic Nathan was when he was a little over 2 1/2:
Tim was having a nap in bed and I fell asleep on the couch.  Nathan wanted to help us out and make a pie for desert.  This was what we woke up to.  Now, let me tell you how impossible it is to get shortening/lard out of the little holes in a tv speaker!

Anyways, that's my finger painting story... and now you know why I am thankful for paint brushes!

Five Good Things:

1.  Green grass on the other side of the fence - Tim and I sat just outside the property with the horses on lead ropes, so they could get some food.  Lord, please send us more rain... they like to eat lots!
2.  Tim Horton steeped tea with milk and sugar
3.  Cash - Tim was able to work a bit to help pay for his woodworking addiction
4.  Friends and family (and people whom I haven't even met) who send me little notes
5.  Dumps - that take all the stuff we've stored for no real reason

Hope you're enjoying today.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Festival

It's a beautiful Friday here, in Smithers, BC Canada.  I couldn't really ask for much more.  I've already taken a course on Goal Setting and Time Management this morning.  Next on my To Do List is paint the baseboards for our room.  I'm going for velvet black.  As I've been cleaning up the junk that's been piled up in our room, I found some old pictures I want to put up.  I'll have to paint the frames on them too. 

I think it's weird, that blogging and reading the Bible (1 chapter a day) have pretty much been the only things I've been able to discipline myself to do lately... it's a good thing!  My concentration ability is improving (slowly, yes, very slowly).  I guess it's about time I really try to make myself more determined to be productive with my time.  Another strange thing is that I want to get a job, but without knowing the right people, it's very hard to find out about most of the positions that are available.  At least that's how it goes in this town.

This weekend is Father's Day.  I know my Dad won't read this, but I still hope he has a terrific day on Sunday.  The last time we were together for it was seven years ago, just after my Mom died.  My sister and her family, and our family were all there and we went out for lunch.  I think we figured it out that it was the first time the three of us (Tracy, Dad, and me) were together with Dad on Father's Day in about 18 years... so you can tell, we're not big on those kinds of things.  I don't know what my kids are planning for Tim (if anything), but being together is good too.

I'm thinking of just doing my Five Good Things list 5 times a week... not sure if I will switch or not... I don't want it to be a chore.  But anyways, here's my list for today"

1.  Paint rollers and paint brushes! - beats finger painting any day
2.  Air conditioners
3.  Dads
4.  Goals
5.  Space - gotta have my space!

What kinds of things are you thankful for?  Go ahead and share them with me... it'll be like a Friday Festival!!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I've missed a couple of days, but thankfully it's not because I was down and out.  Can't say I've really done much, except a lot of driving back and forth to town, but that's okay.

I finally made it to the gym today.  A friend and I planned to meet up today, to start getting more fit.  Whoo hoo!  I arrived 10 minutes late & didn't have any running shoes, so couldn't do anything but chat, while she rode the bike.  Next time I'll do better.  Thanks for being patient with me, H.

Another beautiful day in the north.  There's a bit of a breeze, so it's not too hot. 

Last night we went to a restaurant to hear the band Nate plays in.  We had a long wait... it's Jam Night, so they didn't start to play till 10 pm.  What a treat.  They played three new songs (to them), and really were good!

We finally got the original files for our pictures, so I had fun choosing which ones to reprint.  I made up a small album for Candle, as she had a sitting and then had another one with her cousin.  I'm including the one we got blown up of Candle.
Maybe I've even shown it before, but I'm proud of my girl, so here it is (again).

Guess it's time for my list:

1.  Vacuum cleaners
2.  Patient friends (especially when it comes to excercising)
3.  Deep freezers - that actually have food in them
4.  Pictures - to capture memories
5.  Wind

I hope your week has gone well up till now.  Take time to smell the roses!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Treats

Well folks, the bedroom's all painted (stripes and all)!  The last bit of work to do isn't mine (well, maybe a bit).  I've asked Tim to make some inserts for the windows (they're 30 + years), screens for summer, plastic for winter.  I've also pushed my luck to ask him to put up baseboards and wainscotting, which he's agreed to.  I'm going to paint them all black once they're ready.  Now, I'm not expecting miracles here, so this could take a while, but they're coming!  Hopefully we can move back in tonight or tomorrow... give the paint smell a chance to go away.

I'm already looking forward to Wednesday evening.  Nathan is playing with the band at the Blue Fin Sushi Bar again.  These guys just keep getting better and better.  I've also invited a close friend to come too.  We'll see what she thinks of it all.

Last night, Tim treated us all to banana splits.  Well, he bought the stuff and the kids made the splits.  They were great!

Does anybody out there have a special vacation planned for this year?  We've nixed the idea for this summer, but might get a  day trip to Prince Rupert some time.  It's a beautiful drive on a sunny day, and we love this little shop in Cow Bay, called Cowpuccino's. Has anyone been there, or have other recommendations?

I will be playing taxi driver for most of the day, as we are down 1 car in this family.  Appointments, appointments, appointments.

Here's my list for today - Five Good Things:

1.  Pay Day!
2.  Walls are painted.
3.  Life is good. (Did I write that? - WOW!!!)
4.  Counsellors.
5.  Goals.

Have a wonderful day, folks!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Memories on Mondays

Well I had the most awkward sleep last night!  For some reason, getting up at 2:30 in the morning to puke isn't my cup of tea!  I do feel much better now though.  Anyways, you don't really want to hear about that, so I'll move on.

There is the most gorgeous puffs of clouds appearing out my window!  The sky is blue, yet it is cool outside.  Not sure what I'm going to accomplish today, besides getting stripes set up for my final wall... it's a slow process with me in charge, but then, I have nothing better to do with my time.

Our family has been following the chore chart pretty well, I must say (except for the week I digressed after we went to camp).  If you're wondering what the heck I am talking about, head over to my friend's blog, Just A Thought, where I recently guest blogged for him and told readers of my problem-solving plan.  We began this almost a month ago, and I am happy to say that everyone is pulling their weight.  Unfortunately for me, no one owes me any money!  Oh well, at least I didn't have to do all the work. 

My Five Good Things list for today is:

1.  Blogging (reading and writing)... I love it!
2.  A warm cup of Chai.
3.  A reliable car.  Living out of town, this is a necessity!
4.  A man who loves me!  When I told him I was sick last night, you could hear the love and concern in his voice.
5.  A bucket near the toilet!  Not kidding!  I wasn't sure what was happening, so I took a seat and up it came... right into the perfectly sized bucket!

I've noticed a lot of friends mentioning those kinds of things about their kids, but since my kids are grown up, all I can share about is me.

Enjoy your day everyone!  Drop me a note... I love hearing from you.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super Sunday

It's 3:15 in the afternoon, and so far I have lazed my entire day - doing absolutely N.O.T.H.I.N.G.  I do have plans though, BIG PLANS - NOT!  Except that I want to begin getting my painter's tape going to make stripes on my accent wall.

So, not much to report today.   I'll give a list though, cause there has to be some good in all this.

Five Good Things:

1.  I was able to be lazy, and not have to feel guilty about it.
2.  My new light fixtures are up in the bedroom!  They are great!
3.  Even though it rained for most of yesterday, I still was able to rake a friend's yard and some more of the horse doodoo in our yard.
4.  Tim's sister came over and went hiking with Tim... thanks M!
5.  Popcorn!

I should be over this "funk" in the morning... today is the actual 7th anniversary of my Mom dying, although it was the night before that my sister and I found out (she was in England when she died, and we were in Canada).  I miss her, yet am happy to know who she's with!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday's Savor

This will be short and sweet, as I've been busier than normal today, helping out for a friend's son's birthday party.

Five Good Things:

1.  The smiles and laughter of a boy turning 5, when on a rainy day, his friends come to celebrate.
2.  Seeing the tension of my friend melt away, when she's planned so much for a party.
3.  Hearing the birthday boy say:  "I'm a WINNER!" when he receives a medal for attending the party.
4.  Breaks in the rain.
5.  I'm not the mother of a boy turning 5 any more!

Enjoy your day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Festival

I can hardly believe it, but thanks to all of you who have checked this site out, I've had over 1,000 hits!  To many of you, it probably means nothing, but to me it's pretty cool!  THANK YOU ALL!

Today I am hopefully going to put on the 2nd coat of paint in our bedroom.  I have never painted my own room before, so it's been a big deal for me.  It's also taken FOREVER!  From the first day we took out the mattress and put it on the living room floor till now has been almost 4 weeks.  It's only 3 walls, for crying out loud!  One excuse after another, and finally we got the ball rolling.  After tomorrow, I still want to paint one of the walls a deeper colour (it's eggplant), as the first 2 coats are 1/2 tinted.  Then I want to make wide stripes and put a clear shiny glaze on.  I've done it in one of the kid's rooms and it was great.  Ya, this is big for me, so bear with me.

Anyways, here's my Five Good Things list for today:

1.  A can of paint (or two, or three)
2.  My friend told me today that she got a job!  I'm so very happy for her.
3.  Tea with a friend - it's embarrassing, but true- we worked together 9 years ago, then she had a baby, and another one, and another one, and another one... and she came up for air and asked me over... NO, I could not have asked her and her 5 children over in my messy house with no room to turn around in !!!    Thank you M, for having me over.
4.  My Mama's in no pain! - Tomorrow will be 7 years since she died.  It was actually June 13th (in England), but when Dad phoned to tell me she was  gone it was still the 12th in Canada.  I miss her, but am so glad she has no more pain.
5.  My Sista! - I know that if she's read my #4 today, she'll be in tears... so I gotta tell her one more time- I LOVE YOU TRACY!

I've enjoyed reading the comments some of you are adding.  I try to respond to each one, so please check back to see.

Have a terrific weekend!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well, my socks were blown off yesterday (figuratively speaking, of course)!  My daughter had forgotten to give me a phone message last week, which I found out about on Tuesday.  Our family has again been blessed with more gift cards for food and gas!  I was thinking about something this morning, which seemed to be related, but now that I want to write it, I don't know if it is... anyways, I'll try to explain.

When our children were small and learning to talk, Tim and I would often be found telling them to point to various things or parts of their bodies, such as a picture of a tree, dog, or their nose, mouth, and eyes (over, and over, and over).  It wasn't that we didn't know where these things were, but that we wanted to teach them to know what they were and where they were.

God knows everything about my life.  I mean EVERYTHING!  Yet, He still wants me to communicate to Him if I am thankful, concerned, anxious, content.  He even knows how things are going to work out in every situation.  I am now at the point in my life  where I can see He still wants me to make the effort to talk to Him.  To ask Him for His help, guidance, peace... yes, even finances.  It's my responsibility to do this.  Up till now (yes, I am a very slow learner!) I have pretty much lived thinking that if He already knows, then I don't need to "talk it out" with Him... but I think I've missed out on really trusting Him in everything by being this way.

I know that my attention span in prayer (and in life in general) has much to be desired, but even in my little thoughts I can direct them to God, and be assured that He will hear me and answer me... with a Yes, No, or Wait.....

So, my Five Good Things for today are:

1.  God's patience! - really, without that, I wouldn't have a chance.
2.  Beautiful Sunshine - who can be grumpy with this weather?
3.  Provision - we have gas and food provided!  Whoohoo!
4.  Laughter - there are so many times our family just laughs at the silliest things, but it is so healing and bonding for us all... bring on more laughter!
5.  New acquaintances - I'm meeting more people with whom I am able to build a relationship with.  It helps me to see who I am becoming (yes, I am changing... and it is good).

Are you going through a season of change in your life?  What helps or hinders you during these times?  I'd love to hear from you!


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday my day went well.  I spent the evening watching a few shows with my daughter, and my son watched some too.  It's not too often that we're in the same room as each other, except for the odd meal, and when Candle wants to go driving.

I was able to catch up on some email replies as well.  I certainly don't write as much as in the olden days (RVA or College), but some people aren't on facebook as much, so prefer email. 

I'm looking forward to my new hair cut, which is happening this very afternoon.  I think I told you about that yesterday, but wanted to mention it again.

My Five Good Things today are:

1.  My daughter serving Subway sandwiches for dinner.  Thanks girl!
2.  My son lending me his car.
3.  Finding out we're being blessed with some more gift cards in the morning!
4.  Getting the library looking a bit better.
5.  Our power coming back on after being off for 7 hours.

Anything you'd care to share?  I'd love to hear how your weather is, what your hairstyle is like (what colour it is today), where you volunteer, work, and how you find value in yourself.  Leave me a line!


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tuesday's Treats

Yesterday I tried 2 (got that? - TWO) new recipes for dinner.  This is unusual for me, but they were both very good!  The first was an ovo-lacto vegetarian dish called Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers from Good (& Cheap) Eats, as I am really trying to incorporate some sort of way to help my daughter eat healthier.  Check the site out, it's very helpful!

The second recipe I made was Country Captain Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking.  I only found this recipe in the morning, so didn't use the slow cooker, but baked it in the oven instead.    I also recommend you check this site out as well!

If you try one or both of these out, please let me know what you think!

Yesterday in Smithers was pretty much a good day, for a duck.  I love rainy days though.  I don't think I even minded them when we lived in the Lower Mainland, except for the one year I took the kids out Trick-or-Treating (for their first time) and we were soaking wet... they didn't mind at all, 'cause it was so exciting to be going out, but we felt a bit like sponges.  I'm still not complaining about the rain, because it provides our horses with free sustenance.

Today I will be volunteering at our local BC Schizophrenia Society office, where I have been asked to rearrange the library.  Hopefully by the end of the morning I will have everything in place, ready for our monthly Family Support Group.  This has been a place of refuge for me over the past year-and-a-half.  They  serve individuals and their families who live with all kinds of mental illnesses and addictions.  It was one way I could "give back" to them for their work.  

And my 5 Good Things for today are:

1.  Good food
2.  Blogging (reading and writing)
3.  Volunteer Work
4.  Rain (can't seem to get enough of it here)
5.  A Smile

Enjoy your day!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Memories on Mondays

What a weekend!  I was able to accomplish a few things, yet enjoy visiting with family as well.  I have also realized how easy it is to get out of doing something regularly (like how I did not post every day last week), and how easily I can get sidetracked, not thinking as positively.  So, for me, missing this week has made me realize the importance it is for me to actually be positive DAILY!

One of Tim's cousins came all the way up to Smithers to visit the family, with her husband and one of their daughters.  We were able to enjoy an evening with them on Friday and the afternoon today.  It was neat hearing stories of Tim's Dad's family from another perspective.  Thanks for visiting us Connie, Marvin, and Bethany!  Marvin is also heading up a family reunion for next year.  There were 14 siblings in Tim's Dad's family.  Many have passed on, but there are still 5 originals left.  Hopefully we are able to go to that in the summer.

If you have an inclination to pray for me, would you ask that I would be directed to a job/jobs that would allow me flexibility in my hours as well as being able to use my organizational skills?  I am really hoping that God will provide a position for me where I will be challenged and stretched, yet where I will be able to handle the expectations of what is put in  front of me.  I really need to watch how I handle stress in my life, and there doesn't seem to be a "quick fix" for it.  Thank you, to those who will remember me in this way.

And now for my list today:

1.  Family who travel from Alberta to visit
2.  Nice weather for brushing the horses, yet rain - to feed them
3.  The horse manure is almost all shoveled up and ready to be taken away!  Yay!
4.  Air conditioners! - at my age I could almost use one 24/7
5.  The bedroom ceiling is painted!  (Walls and lighting are next)

Until next time,


Sunday, June 06, 2010

Guest Post:

Do you believe that you matter?  To your family? Your boss?  Your co-workers?  Your community?  Have you ever found yourself believing that nobody thinks you matter?

Today I’m guest posting on my friend Rick's blog: Just A Thought . Come and see that Yes, You Matter!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memories on Mondays

If I don't start writing now, I'll talk myself out of it every time, so here I go.

This weekend Tim and I got offered to attend Family Camp, which is about a 2 hour drive from home.  We went with the expectation that because we hadn't planned on attending, God must have something in store for us to offer us to go.  It was so good!  I mean, the fellowship, words from God, and the food...... oh, the food was great!

Let me share my Five Good Things from this weekend:
1.  Enjoying my 1 day inventory job (on Friday).
2.  Being able to trust our kids when we're away.
3.  God's ability to refresh us.
4.  Sunshine-without mosquitos!
5.  Spending time with people.

I could go on and on, but really, I'm finding that God is strengthening me from within, and that is exactly where I need it!

How was your weekend?  Did God strengthen you?