Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Treats

Well folks, the bedroom's all painted (stripes and all)!  The last bit of work to do isn't mine (well, maybe a bit).  I've asked Tim to make some inserts for the windows (they're 30 + years), screens for summer, plastic for winter.  I've also pushed my luck to ask him to put up baseboards and wainscotting, which he's agreed to.  I'm going to paint them all black once they're ready.  Now, I'm not expecting miracles here, so this could take a while, but they're coming!  Hopefully we can move back in tonight or tomorrow... give the paint smell a chance to go away.

I'm already looking forward to Wednesday evening.  Nathan is playing with the band at the Blue Fin Sushi Bar again.  These guys just keep getting better and better.  I've also invited a close friend to come too.  We'll see what she thinks of it all.

Last night, Tim treated us all to banana splits.  Well, he bought the stuff and the kids made the splits.  They were great!

Does anybody out there have a special vacation planned for this year?  We've nixed the idea for this summer, but might get a  day trip to Prince Rupert some time.  It's a beautiful drive on a sunny day, and we love this little shop in Cow Bay, called Cowpuccino's. Has anyone been there, or have other recommendations?

I will be playing taxi driver for most of the day, as we are down 1 car in this family.  Appointments, appointments, appointments.

Here's my list for today - Five Good Things:

1.  Pay Day!
2.  Walls are painted.
3.  Life is good. (Did I write that? - WOW!!!)
4.  Counsellors.
5.  Goals.

Have a wonderful day, folks!



Ann said...

It's great to hear you sounding so happy. Are you going to post pictures of your room?
I'm racking my brain trying to think of things we enjoyed doing in PR. Cowpuccinos is definitely a great little shop. Check online to see if you can find anything else interesting.
Our plans are to go visit family in BC and Alberta. Hopefully we will be able to do lots of camping around the Yukon too.

Hope said...

Hi Dawn, I agree with Ann. It is good to hear you sounding 'lighter' - the room would look great. I admire your ability to get in there and do physical work - even if it is just step by step.

No, I don't have a holiday planned this year, yet - except for a week with the nuns again next week.

Take care
Love, Leanne

bcsmithereens said...

I'd love to post a picture, when it's complete though, 'k?

Ann, if you guys come up/down this way, make sure you let me know in advance! By the way, how are the holidays going? Do the kids go with you, or do they work in the summers?

Thanks to you and Leanne for noticing my heaviness is lifting. Tim even commented that he noticed my blog site going from black and white, to more colour, to now having flowers on it too.

Leanne, I wish I could be at the nuns' retreat with you... know that I will be praying for you.

Take care of yourselves.