Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday's Savor - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Yesterday spurred on a comment made by my Sista.  She wrote:  "Ok...I get being thankful for paint brushes...but maybe I should sent my three year old your way for a bit...refresh your memory of how good finger painting can"

Well here's proof of how artistic Nathan was when he was a little over 2 1/2:
Tim was having a nap in bed and I fell asleep on the couch.  Nathan wanted to help us out and make a pie for desert.  This was what we woke up to.  Now, let me tell you how impossible it is to get shortening/lard out of the little holes in a tv speaker!

Anyways, that's my finger painting story... and now you know why I am thankful for paint brushes!

Five Good Things:

1.  Green grass on the other side of the fence - Tim and I sat just outside the property with the horses on lead ropes, so they could get some food.  Lord, please send us more rain... they like to eat lots!
2.  Tim Horton steeped tea with milk and sugar
3.  Cash - Tim was able to work a bit to help pay for his woodworking addiction
4.  Friends and family (and people whom I haven't even met) who send me little notes
5.  Dumps - that take all the stuff we've stored for no real reason

Hope you're enjoying today.


Northern Living Allowance said...

You have horses, too? *sigh* In my dreams. And Tim Horton's steeped tea is my favourite too (but I take mine double double). I remember being exceedingly happy when I arrived in Smithers on my way up here to find a Tim Horton's RIGHT NEXT to my hotel. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. :)

bcsmithereens said...

My daughter owns a miniature and then is fostering a 2 yr old Arabian. Neither can be ridden, as the mini is too small, and the Arabian is on the small side (maybe next year).

Yuppers, I know exactly where you stayed, since there's only one Timmies in town, and it's on a corner. Next time your planning to come through town let me know... I'd love to meet you!

Hope said...

Loved the photo - and the commentary - that would have been some clean up job. Thanks again for your thankful list.