Monday, June 07, 2010

Memories on Mondays

What a weekend!  I was able to accomplish a few things, yet enjoy visiting with family as well.  I have also realized how easy it is to get out of doing something regularly (like how I did not post every day last week), and how easily I can get sidetracked, not thinking as positively.  So, for me, missing this week has made me realize the importance it is for me to actually be positive DAILY!

One of Tim's cousins came all the way up to Smithers to visit the family, with her husband and one of their daughters.  We were able to enjoy an evening with them on Friday and the afternoon today.  It was neat hearing stories of Tim's Dad's family from another perspective.  Thanks for visiting us Connie, Marvin, and Bethany!  Marvin is also heading up a family reunion for next year.  There were 14 siblings in Tim's Dad's family.  Many have passed on, but there are still 5 originals left.  Hopefully we are able to go to that in the summer.

If you have an inclination to pray for me, would you ask that I would be directed to a job/jobs that would allow me flexibility in my hours as well as being able to use my organizational skills?  I am really hoping that God will provide a position for me where I will be challenged and stretched, yet where I will be able to handle the expectations of what is put in  front of me.  I really need to watch how I handle stress in my life, and there doesn't seem to be a "quick fix" for it.  Thank you, to those who will remember me in this way.

And now for my list today:

1.  Family who travel from Alberta to visit
2.  Nice weather for brushing the horses, yet rain - to feed them
3.  The horse manure is almost all shoveled up and ready to be taken away!  Yay!
4.  Air conditioners! - at my age I could almost use one 24/7
5.  The bedroom ceiling is painted!  (Walls and lighting are next)

Until next time,


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Hope said...

Hi Dawn,
I missed your blogs last week - glad you had a lovely time with your extended family.

Will be thinking about your job needs - trust something just right jumps into your lap.

Take care,