Monday, June 28, 2010

Memories on Mondays

From this: 
don'tcha love those glasses?

To this:

I've never written down "our story" before, and most people probably wouldn't believe it, but for posterity (whoever she is), I will share my side of the story:
It all began before I knew it did, but I've been told that while I was on tour with Dayspring (our college travelling singing group) during the summer of 1985 we stopped at a place I had been at before, this little hick town in the middle of nowhere, British Columbia.  Mind you, there were many more smaller hick towns, so this was nothing new.  

Anyways, we performed at one of the churches just out of town,  (I happened to share a small testimony) and carried on our way.  It was that night, after the performance, that Tim said to his Dad, "I'd like to marry a girl like that some day."   

About six weeks later, I returned to my final year of college (at least, I thought it would be!), and low and behold this cute young fellow walked by.  I asked his name and he told me.  A few days later I was in the library (studying!  - after all, it was the first week of school, and I wanted to make a  good impression), and I noticed this cute guy (I didn't remember him) sitting on the floor reading a book.  The words, "How old are you?"  popped out of my mouth... TRULY!, and I found out then and there that I was 1 month older than him, to the day.  

My next question was, "What are you reading?"  He responded with a Missionary story.  I informed him I was a missionary kid...   from then it went to asking him if he'd like to see a movie being shown at another college in town.  He said yes, then sat beside me... (I later found out he'd seen the movie about 5 times before).  We went out for snackage at The Keg with my friends, and that night, as I was staying in a friend's bedroom, I told her, "You can have him if you like him."  (As if he were mine to give).  rom then on we were pretty much inseperable at meals and after studying.  I even went to breakfasts, and stayed to have tea after each meal.  

About 3 weeks later I informed him that I planned on getting married the next summer, and if he didn't have any intentions of that, then he better just move along so I could find out who I would be marrying... I AM NOT JOKING ABOUT THIS!!!  (*** And I would never advise anyone to do such a stupid thing, either***)  I also said that the next guy I kissed would be the one I was going to marry.

Anyways, time went on, and we still hung out.  Before Christmas vacation I had written him daily letters, and planned to use my gift money to buy a bus ticket to visit him in Smithers.  I arrived there December 31, 1985 and he greeted me with the question, "May I kiss you?"  He also started callling me "hon" that day.  That evening was a New Year's Eve party at the church and many people asked if I was Wendy (the last girl he had dated ). That didn't go over too well.  Anyways, we left to go to his parent's place and stayed up all night smooching.  Can't say that I'd ever done that before then or after.  But it was a good memory.

In March Tim planned to ask me to marry him.  He called my Dad, in Kenya, and asked if it would be okay.  I had warned him not to ask for my hand in marriage, as my Dad would likely to reply with, "You've got to take all of her!".  Unfortunately, I have a tendency to ruin good things, and I made a mess of the evening, but we did get engaged and set a date - June 28th - that year!  We chose that day because it was a long weekend in Canada and the Vancouver Expo was on too, so people from all over Canada could/would come.

So, that's my side of the story.  Parts of it have been briefly brought up in the last year or two, to our kids... and I think they really don't believe it... but it's true... I was a bit manipulative and bossy... but I'm better now!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What's your story?  I'd love to hear it.  Marriage hasn't been easy, but it's getting easier!  

Five Good Things:

1.  Tim - he's the best part of me!
2.  We haven't quit!
3.  We won't quit!
4.  Memories!
5.  Future!

Enjoy your day... we're out to dinner tonight.



Hope said...

Thanks Dawn, I loved your story - isn't it amazing how things can work out even when we do some silly things. Thanks again for your 5 good things. Take care today - and I hope that your dinner was a good time.

Anna Brotzel said...

You're right I would never have guessed your story! Thanks for sharing and happy anniversary you two!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I proposed to Matt spelled out "Will you marry me?" in nail polish on his finger nails. We put some weekend dates in a hat and chose our date by pulling two and picking between the dates. We got married 8 1/2 months after our first date. July 1st...we also chose Canada Day long weekend. We figured there will always be fireworks on our wedding anniversary. Now 2.15 kids later. We are about to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Happy anniversary to you guys!

Rick Apperson said...

Congratulations you two! So happy to hear the story!

Laurel said...

I love the pictures, the glasses, and the kids looking the other way! :D :D

God bless you both and thanks for sharing, Dawn.

bcsmithereens said...

Hey, thanks everyone for your comments! It was a great dinner out and we had fun laughing.

Ann said...

Sorry I missed it - happy belated anniversary. I remember you and Tim getting together, but didn't know about your "threat".