Thursday, July 01, 2010

CANADA DAY - Thankful Thursday

For any readers who are not Canadian, and want to know a bit more about this day, please click on the link above.

Not sure if I've mentioned that I've begun going to the gym twice a week.  But my friend and I have made an effort to go, switching up our days as needed.  It definitely helps to have someone go with me!  The first day I could barely finish 15 minutes on the bike.  My heart was pounding like a drum in a marching band.  The next day we went I was able to go on a couple of machines, with my heart racing faster, but I wasn't as tired.  The last time I went, I was able to finish 20 minutes, and dared to say (out loud) that I couldn't wait until I actually wanted to be there.  Have I mentioned that since I've known Tim I've told him I was allergic to the "E" Word (excercise)?  
Last night my sister's friend came through town and dropped off a box for me.  In it had some of the cutest baby clothes we had lent to Tracy, that our parents had given us.  I had fun calling Nathan into the room, asking if he thought he'd fit these clothes that came... To my delight, Tracy had also included a "little" gift for me to do what I like with.  I think I will be browsing Zeller's for bedding and shears for our room!  Soooo excited!

I woke up at 3 am this morning, unable to sleep (until 6) with the realization that I forgot my Sister-in-Law Melodie's birthday!  She is always so good with special days and celebrations.  My apologies, Mel... hopefully Sunday's dinner will make up for it... and our trip to the Movie Theatre, once you find a show you want us to see.

So, that's about it for me right now.  Here's my FIVE GOOD THINGS for today:

1.  Little clothes and their memories!  As Mom and Dad lived in Africa when my kids were born, their little gifts of clothes and books meant a lot to me.  Seeing them again made me remember my Mom and how much she loved my kids and wished she could be with us.
2.  Little gifts!  Actually, it is a BIG GIFT to me.  Thanks Tracy!  You are so very thoughtful!
3.  A beautiful Country!
4.  A peaceful place to live!
5.  Readers, like you! - Thank you.


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