Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Festival

Today is a test for me.  My gym partner is not well, and she asked if we could "skip today".  I think I'll go anyways.  I'll let you know if I actually do.

I also told Tim that I would try to have the house cleaned up by the end of the week, and guess what... it's not done yet.  I've still got today and tomorrow.  To spur me on, I invited Tim's sister and her family over for dinner on Sunday, so I've GOT TO GET IT DONE!  No more videos until I do.

And because of this, here's my FIVE GOOD THINGS for today:

1.  I'm going to the gym ON MY OWN
2.  I will have a clean house
3.  Company's coming
4.  I'm going to talk with my new boss today
5.  God loves ME  (and you too!)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  (And Happy Fourth of July to my American friends)



Hope said...

Sounds like you have some tough things to do... and HIGH goals...

Thanks for sharing your tenacity with me.
Take care today...

Ann said...

So, the curiosity is killing me - did you go to the gym and did you get the house cleaned?

bcsmithereens said...

I sure did! But the cleaning didn't get done till the 11th hour (Saturday evening)!