Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

It was a wonderful Wednesday!  I have been having a problem sleeping for more than an hour or so without waking up, ever since I finished the last of these miracle pills which I didn't want to have to pay for any more.  So for the last week or two, I've not felt very rested.  Unplanned, I was wide awake at about 5:30 this morning, so I decided to read.  It was then that Tim and I were trying to figure out when I needed the car, and what our plans were.  He told me I had an appointment at 10 am, which I could have swore was for tomorrow, but I listened to him, and got to my appointment in the nick of time... 24 hours too early!

Since I had cancelled our gym time for today, as I'm still not feeling great, I could have slept for another 5 hours (or got groceries).  But I decided to hop over to the video store and rent a couple of movies, and chillax until I had to go to work at 4pm.

After my shift, I quickly went over to the Blue Fin Sushi Bar, where the band that Nathan (my son) plays with was going to play.  I had originally reserved a table for 3 of us, then my SIL said she'd come with her girls, so Tim upped the reservation to 6.  By that time, I realized I would be late, because of work.  In the end, we had 8 at the table, the restaurant was PACKED  (great job Cindy and staff!), and I walked in on Nate's last song (but didn't realize it was his  band playing. As I'm not a fan of sushi, I ordered my regular Cappachino Pie... it was DELIC! 

Anyways, it was a good day!  I know that tomorrow I do not have to work, although there's a 10 am appointment that I should be at, as well as another one at 3:30.  I still have the 2nd movie to watch, and I think I'm going to do that right now... since I don't have to get up at the crack of Dawn (ewwwwwwww, that doesn't sound good, does it?).

So folks, I hope you have a terrific day tomorrow (as I'm sure you won't be reading this until Thursday), and hopefully someday soon I'll have the energy to write this in the mornings, so they're not a day late.

Got any big plans for the weekend?  Fill me in on the juice!  I'm always up to hear what's going on.

Oh, again, I almost forgot... FIVE GOOD THINGS:

1.  I wasn't late for my appointment!
2.  I know more than 3 codes at work now!
3.  Fabulous mingling at the Blue Fin Sushi Bar!
4.  Cappachino Pie.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
5.  You!



Hope said...

Hey, Glad you got your 5 good things in - sounds like it was an exhausting day --- but you did it! and you even worked! Well done.

Trust you get some rest tomorrow - even with your appointments.

Take care Hope

martine said...

yikes you're busy! don't you hate that when you're early for an appt? :p my in laws leave tomorrow and then we go to tyhee for a week! yeaahaw!