Monday, July 05, 2010

Memories on Mondays

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,... I am pleased to announce that I met my goals for last weekend!  

1.  I did go to the gym (ON MY OWN), and actually increased my workout from 15 minutes (a week ago) to 33 minutes:  travelling 7 miles on a bike that went no where (18 minutes), and walking on a treadmill for 8 minutes, as well as going on the eliptical trainer for 7 minutes.  YAHOO!  I was a tad sore the next day, but I was okay.  (I'm not sure if it was because of the workout or because our 2 year old horse bowled me over as I was walking down a hill, trying to take him to a field to eat)... needless to say, he didn't get away with that again!
2.  My house got clean!  Not spotless, but it was thoroughly vacuumed, and we could sit at the table again!

Some other news is that I was told that I will be starting my part-time position at Extra Foods, after they did some kind of check on me, and I was to meet with my manager tomorrow.  Today she called and asked if I could work tomorrow instead... and that I'm scheduled to work Tuesday through Saturday so far. Please pray I don't freak out with the learning curve of all the codes.  That will probably be my biggest challenge.  (BESIDES HAVING TO USE AN ALARM CLOCK AGAIN, after going 7 months without one).

I guess my evening will be filled with hemming the black pants that I will now need to wear for work.  Thankfully, I only had black pants, so didn't have to purchase any more.  I was able to find a few white collared tops this weekend, for the job, as well as some work shoes, so I should be set up pretty good.

This doesn't mean I don't want to pursue bookkeeping work!  Hopefully I will be able to find some work in that field before my EI (Employment Insurance) runs out at the end of November.

Candle is off to camp!   This is her 4th year working there.  She is considered a "summer missionary" this year.  Her prayer card reads:  
"Please pray for good health, financial support, relationships with campers as well as staff, safety for all, a great summer program, and the overall spiritual impact and growth for everyone involved at Rough Acres Bible Camp."
This year she is working there for 8 weeks.  This week is set aside for the team to train and prepare for camp.  It should be a good time.   

This afternoon I am heading to a friend's place for a visit and some tea.  Then I head back to the gym for a workout.  Hopefully I'll not be too bagged when I'm working, to keep this up... DID I JUST WRITE THAT?  Help!  Some strange thoughts are taking up residence in my pea-sized brain!!!  Whoo Hoo!

I think I'm going to try my hand at FAJITAS tonight.  I just saw this recipe in my inbox today, from 

I don't have Portobello Mushrooms, but will use what I have.  I had overdone the grocery shop last week on peppers... so will have plenty to use.

Not sure if I'll have enough time (or energy) to paint the remaining things for our room, so the blinds and shears can go up in our room.  Once it's all ready I'll take a picture or two for you.  It's so much more relaxing in there... except when the daylight appears earlier than I'd like.

Anywhoo, I think that's it for today, except for my list.  I hope you enjoy your week.  I'd love to hear from you!  Drop me a line and fill me in on your day.  If you'd prefer not to have it published here, you can always email me at:  bcsmithereens at gmail dot com


1.   Realizing that feeding the horses 2 times a day makes them easier to handle.
2.  Getting a job, where I will be stretched... learning codes, standing on my feet for 4 hours a day.
3.  My daughter is SO VERY EXCITED to be at camp!
4.  My house is clean - STILL!
5.  I was able to purchase things for my work outfit!




Ann said...

I'm so excited for you - you accomplished tons and are a working woman again. You will do fine with the codes - just look at the item - most of them have the codes on a sticker. Good luck. Exercise seems to be one of those things we become addicted to. Pretty soon you will be blogging that you spent an hour at the gym and are wondering how you can fit in more time for exercise.

bcsmithereens said...

Thanks Ann! I haven't ever found the addiction to exercise of any type yet, but today I asked my friend if she's thought of going to the gym 3 times a week, so we're going to.

So sorry your weather hasn't been good at all. Hopefully you will be blessed with some good days and weeks in the near future!


Laurel said...

So excited for you, Dawn! :) you'll do great!!!! :)

Hope said...

I am so proud of you Dawn... You get ticks and gold stars! Really trust that the work goes well and that you pick up what you need to know easily... and that the other staff are helpful.

Take care today.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Congrats on the new job! You'll do great! People are actually very patient with new staff - you just have to let them know you're learning. I keep getting questions about where to find something in the store: only 95,000 items and you can't find it yourself? You're not trying hard enough. ;) ha ha!

bcsmithereens said...

Thanks all of you! I made it through. My heels are pretty bruised right now though. And of course, I did go to the gym, but for 10 minutes less. I don't really want to kill myself.

I'm so glad I have you all to cheer me on. It helps so much!