Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I've missed a couple of days, but thankfully it's not because I was down and out.  Can't say I've really done much, except a lot of driving back and forth to town, but that's okay.

I finally made it to the gym today.  A friend and I planned to meet up today, to start getting more fit.  Whoo hoo!  I arrived 10 minutes late & didn't have any running shoes, so couldn't do anything but chat, while she rode the bike.  Next time I'll do better.  Thanks for being patient with me, H.

Another beautiful day in the north.  There's a bit of a breeze, so it's not too hot. 

Last night we went to a restaurant to hear the band Nate plays in.  We had a long wait... it's Jam Night, so they didn't start to play till 10 pm.  What a treat.  They played three new songs (to them), and really were good!

We finally got the original files for our pictures, so I had fun choosing which ones to reprint.  I made up a small album for Candle, as she had a sitting and then had another one with her cousin.  I'm including the one we got blown up of Candle.
Maybe I've even shown it before, but I'm proud of my girl, so here it is (again).

Guess it's time for my list:

1.  Vacuum cleaners
2.  Patient friends (especially when it comes to excercising)
3.  Deep freezers - that actually have food in them
4.  Pictures - to capture memories
5.  Wind

I hope your week has gone well up till now.  Take time to smell the roses!



Laurel said...

What a beautiful girl, Dawn! :) Such a good picture.
And I'll take your list with a couple minor changes:
2. A patient husband (who happens to be my best friend)
5. no wind.... we've been plagued with so much wind this year. One of my poor kitties was outside on the deck railing this afternoon just about getting blown off.... so, no more wind, please! :)
Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!
Laurel :)

bcsmithereens said...

She is, isn't she Laurel?

Have a terrific weekend!

Jane said...

What a pretty picture! I enjoy reading your blog - it always brightens my day.

bcsmithereens said...

Thanks Jane... I love reading yours too, except this week really sucked for you! Hope something better comes your way soon.