Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Festival

It's a beautiful Friday here, in Smithers, BC Canada.  I couldn't really ask for much more.  I've already taken a course on Goal Setting and Time Management this morning.  Next on my To Do List is paint the baseboards for our room.  I'm going for velvet black.  As I've been cleaning up the junk that's been piled up in our room, I found some old pictures I want to put up.  I'll have to paint the frames on them too. 

I think it's weird, that blogging and reading the Bible (1 chapter a day) have pretty much been the only things I've been able to discipline myself to do lately... it's a good thing!  My concentration ability is improving (slowly, yes, very slowly).  I guess it's about time I really try to make myself more determined to be productive with my time.  Another strange thing is that I want to get a job, but without knowing the right people, it's very hard to find out about most of the positions that are available.  At least that's how it goes in this town.

This weekend is Father's Day.  I know my Dad won't read this, but I still hope he has a terrific day on Sunday.  The last time we were together for it was seven years ago, just after my Mom died.  My sister and her family, and our family were all there and we went out for lunch.  I think we figured it out that it was the first time the three of us (Tracy, Dad, and me) were together with Dad on Father's Day in about 18 years... so you can tell, we're not big on those kinds of things.  I don't know what my kids are planning for Tim (if anything), but being together is good too.

I'm thinking of just doing my Five Good Things list 5 times a week... not sure if I will switch or not... I don't want it to be a chore.  But anyways, here's my list for today"

1.  Paint rollers and paint brushes! - beats finger painting any day
2.  Air conditioners
3.  Dads
4.  Goals
5.  Space - gotta have my space!

What kinds of things are you thankful for?  Go ahead and share them with me... it'll be like a Friday Festival!!!

Enjoy your weekend.


Tracy said...

Ok...I get being thankful for paint brushes...but maybe I should sent my three year old your way for a bit...refresh your memory of how good finger painting can

Infact this morning he was finger painting the new hard wood floor with ???? We are not quite may have been a wet mushed up oreo cookie?? or chocolat icing?? Not quite sure...I just know it was not something nasty! ;-)

Maybe that will be one of your good things having to deal with pre schoolers every day...LOL!

Love ya,

Norma Hill - aka penandpapermama said...


and friends who write cool blogs! (yep, that would be you)

Lionel says hello to Tim!

martine said...

hot sunny days...summer holidays...sleeping in ...self discipline...i totally get what you mean about concentration! hard to regain once you've lost it! and i have definitely lost it!! lol :)

bcsmithereens said...

Norma, I'm not there yet, with grandkids, but have heard they are a lot of fun. Thanks for the compliment too. I'll let Tim know Lionel says hello.

Martine, you haven't lost it! Yours is probably just in storage for a time... now where did you put it?

Tracy, I will post a quick comment on today's post for you. And it goes without my saying, that a good thing for me is not dealing with preschoolers. It wasn't my favorite time in life, and I even doubt I'll have patience with any grandkids that do come along (EVENTUALLY).

Have a cheery Saturday, folks.