Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday


Well, now I know someone actually read Tuesday's write-up.  My MIL asked me why I wrote in my blog that Tim's birthday was yesterday (when she knew, for a matter-of-fact, that she gave birth to him 47 years ago today).  MY BAD!

Here are my FIVE GOOD THINGS (about TIM)

1.  PATIENT - I have never seen a man with more patience than him.  Thank you!
2.  HARD WORKING - When Tim has a task to do, there will never be anyone who can do it with more gumption than him.
3.  FOCUSED - If there's something that catches his eye, he will stay focused on it... right to the end...usually in the woodworking department, but in the past it was running.
4.  LOVING - Always!
5.  HONEST - In the good times and in the bad.

Tim, thanks for being you!  I love you very much.



RDA said...

Wow that almost made me cry. Very awesome post Dawn.

bcsmithereens said...

Thanks. Now, I just have to let him know I wrote it!