Sunday, May 23, 2010

Super Sunday

I'm sitting at the computer, pondering what to write about as I look out the window, I see a palette of various Green tones.  It's in the various grasses (weeds) that are growing in our field, in the trees (of which I do not know their names-much to the chagrin of my husband), and it's beginning to  peak out on the Saskatoon bushes.

The sky is a light blue, with an array of fluffy clouds, and up above is the moon. 

The sun is still shining down it's rays on most of the yard, as it's only 9 pm on Saturday.  We've got over an hour left of daylight for today.  

And what do you think gets more of my attention than all of these?  The sight of a measly little mosquito!

I do not understand why, on God's green earth (honestly), He would see fit to have these pesky little creatures exist!

I still think that Sunday will be SUPER!  What's grabbed your attention?


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