Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

 I can hardly believe it, but I've been feeling better "in my head" for almost a week now.  The prayers of friends, combination of meds, shoveling horse crap, counseling, trying to be more positive, and visiting with people is my complex plan of action... I really can't say it's one thing that is doing it all... but whatever it takes, I want to feel better and be a better person.

Today's Five Good Things are:

1.  Rain - Honest to goodness, our field is trying to go green, but the horses will be in trouble without God's  blessing of a good downpour (which we had yesterday and last night)!  I know those crummy little yellow dandelions also gloat when it rains, but they'll eat those too.
2.  Sunshine after the Rain - warms my heart.
3.  Birds singing - gives me pleasure
4.  Sleeping in - yeah, I'm known to be lazy... but oh, last night's sleep felt soooooooo goooooooood!
5.  Friends - this wonderful invention of the interweb, that you and I have obviously taken to, has provided me opportunities to reacquaint with people from my past.  It is healing.  Thank you, my friends!

What warms your heart today?


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