Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday's Treats

Here are my Five Good Things for today:

1.  PAINT - Yesterday afternoon, hubby decided to prime the bedroom ceiling, as my excuse for not painting the walls was that he hadn't done the ceiling.  I've never seen him work so fast!  He was like a speed demon.  Doing the painting was to be our birthday gift for each other.  My birthday has passed long ago (3 weeks) and his is tomorrow,.. but maybe it will be done in time for our anniversary!

2.  RAIN PUDDLES - a farm just doesn't feel like a farm without some puddles.

3.  BUSHES IN BLOOM - The last 2 days of rain has been enough to boost our Saskatoon berry bushes into birthing little white fleurs... so pretty!

4.  QUIET MORNINGS - Plain and simple, I'm not a morning person, so the quieter I can have it in the am, the more pleasant I am...

5.  GRANOLA - the past couple of weeks I have experimented with making granola.  It's been different each time, but so good!

I hope you're enjoying good things in your life!  Take time to recognize them, as it makes going through life a little easier.


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