Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday's Savor

Surprise!  I hope you like my new look.  I saw someone else with another cute layout, which led me to Leelou Blogs! , where I found this.  Hope you like it!

Lately I've been focusing on Five Good Things, and although I don't intend to only do this kind of "writing", it's been helping me keep my head above water.  I've noticed that the past two days my postings started with "Well,..."  That's a good thing, eh?  Today was another day of pleasantness.  Here's my list:

1.  I didn't have to make supper or do the dishes today.  It was great!  Waffles and blueberries (don't forget the whipped cream) were made by Tim... thanks!
2.  I found a great deal on window blinds.  Just the cheapies, but they'll work fine.
3.  Tim has finally joined the ranks of needing spectacles to read!  It's too cute. is where we ordered them.  You can try them out, and pay within 15 days.  They have great coupon codes online too!
4.  My kittie's meow.  I know I get annoyed with her, but she still makes me smile!

5.  Long Weekends - Here's a little write-up for those not up-to-snuff on Canadian History:

"Victoria Day celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday (May 24th). Canada is still a member of the    Commonwealth of Nations, of which the Queen is head.

Victoria Day is always on a Monday, and thus the holiday is part of a long weekend, which is commonly referred to as the Victoria Day Weekend, the May Long Weekend, the May Long, or the May Two-Four (a case of beer there is called a "two-four" and many of these are consumed over the holiday). The weekend is also called the May 24th weekend, although it does not necessarily fall on May 24th.

The Victoria Day Weekend always falls on the weekend before Memorial Day in the U.S."  -information found at:

Enjoy your weekend!


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