Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday's Savor

1. Watching the production of "Guys and Dolls" last night was filled with so much laughter and good music. I love going to musicals, and this one was not what I originally thought it would be like at all! It was terrific!
2. A good sleep. Nothing like it.
3. My kids are back today. They've been house sitting for over a week, and although I am totally okay with them being gone, it's nice to ave them back too.
4. My cats... what can I say? I love them. I take pleasure in knowing that as soon as I'm up, Mittens (the elder) will be close by me (silently, I might add), waiting for me to get up and feed her some wet food. Only in the mornings though, and she knows this.
5. Getting a job done... like as in never having to do it again...

Thanks for the comments peoples... Keep looking up!


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