Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday's Treats

Hey there,

How are you doing today?  I hope your day was full of wonderful ways to treat yourself.  My treats today are my FIVE GOOD THINGS:

1.  New job - heck, there are a lot of produce items I haven't got a clue as to what they are, let alone know their codes!  Patience, patience... here's where I get really hard on myself.
2.  I did go to the gym - now I know in my heart that this really isn't what I would consider a TREAT, but something is niggling in my head that it really is... so I'll continue.  I did cut back my time by 10 minutes, but with standing up at work the whole time, my feet got a handy dandy workout too.
3.  Sunshine!!!  It's been hiding for a few days, and it's so nice to see again.
4.  A cool drink - even water is what I'll drink more often than not now.  Three years ago, I drank a can of Coke a day... not very often do I do that any more.
5.  I found out we get paid every week!  That is so exciting for me!  We use to have jobs where we were paid every 2 weeks, and they didn't coincide, so basically we got paid every week.  Now, the majority of our money has been coming once a month, and that's been tricky for me to budget... I am SO happy for having it this way now!

So, this is short and sweet (actually it's still probably longer than what I use to write when I  began this blog... can you believe it, 11 months ago) and I suspect that for the rest of this week I'll be pretty brief, till I get my system all in place of these changes.

Let me know what you're up to.  You can comment below, or email me directly at:  bcsmithereens @ gmail dot com

Enjoy the weather!


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