Monday, February 08, 2010

Sacred Marriage

Today I am including a link to a friend's website called "Just A Thought".  Rick often has a 5 Question Interview with various authors.  This weekend was focused on "Sacred Marriage".  

On Friday Rick introduced the book "Sacred Marriage", by Gary Thomas.  Saturday he shared about the Sacred Marriage Retreat/Seminar that Tim and I, along with Rick and his wife Sarah, were able to attend.  Today he has "5 Questions With Gary Thomas".

I encourage you all to head over to Rick's site and have a good browse.  The weekend began a change in my thought process... in a good way.  

Gary's book was given to us a few years ago, by another couple.  It wasn't until I actually heard him express what he had written that I "got" what he was saying.

Anyways, I encourage you all to click your way to a new way of thinking...


Anonymous said...

You should do the ladies Bible study from Denise Glenn Wisdom for Mothers. I love this study. It talks about us as mothers (even those with kids spreading their wings) and us as wives. I have been reading ahead in the study as I can't get enough. I find I am finally reading the scripture passages in a new light and understanding them too(she explains the passages in ways I wouldn't have thought about it to make it relavent). I am thinking of blogging more about it. I am also finding through this study that my struggles and short falls are normal and happen to even some of the best moms out there. I like the focus of your blog. I am going to have to do some catch up reading.

bcsmithereens said...

Thanks for the reference! I'm glad you are finding some new light and understanding.
Thanks for your compliment! Happy reading!

SnoWhite said...

I love the Sacred Marriage -- we were given it as a wedding gift.

In response to your comment -- my sister was in Uganda for 1 month. She's training to be a nurse and her class took January term to go and serve in Uganda.