Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's Up With That?

I have never considered myself to be a domestic anything, but this weekend has taken the cake!

This past week I've been reading a couple of blogs from top to bottom (2 years worth), giving tips and telling woes of personal finances.  This one blog tells what she stocks her shelves with in order to have healthy and less expensive meals.  She frequently writes about making soup.

I have never been an expert at soup.  In fact, I had invited a friend and his children over to lunch for some home-made soup.  The little girl quite blatently (and loudly) said, "This is the WORST SOUP I have EVER TASTED!"... to which my face went multiple shades of scarlet (and it wasn't even my usual hot flash).  Since then I have pretty much given up on all soup but Campbell's.

Well, on Friday night I searched for a highly reviewed stock and spent 8 hours yesterday simmering it... I had at least thought after all those hours I could have an actual pot of soup to eat, but no... this was stock, so I needed to save it in ice cube trays to use for real soup later.

Later was today, and I tried it... except it tasted terrible.... well, not really terrible, it just didn't taste anything, so I ended up adding my beef bouillion into it in the end, some cut up steak and veggies and it was okay.... but my question is... What's up with that?  If you spend all day making something, you should at least be able to use it that day and eat it..........

Any help, tips, ideas?  Or should I just stick with being a Campbell's cook?


Ann said...

Oh, you make me laugh. I hate it when meals just don't turn out.
Maybe I will post a couple tried and true recipes from my collection. Watch for it - I will try to do it in the next couple days.
If all else fails, spaghetti is always good.

Dawn said...

I'll be waiting!
And yes, I love spaghetti too.

Anonymous said...

ahhhh the "all-day-simmering and nuthin to show for it" dilemma. I hate those. We have some very similar lives, i'm thinking.
I actually make wonderful soup. It's an odd bonding thing i do with my family. Silly but its ours. I love to spend time chopping and talking. Greg and I look forward to the little bit of travelling we do (ottawa and Toronto mostly) and MUST find the international groceries stores to buy things we've never heard of and return to figure out how to cook them! What am I? 80?? lol is a wonderful place to peek.
( Homemade stock is not allll its cracked up to be. I alwayssss "cheat" and use a good store brand and save the fun for massive chopping and spices) A number of my friends are cooks and chefs actually and even envy my spice cupboards! (yes, i was tooting my own "spice" horn) But i really think I need a REAL If you ever want a recipe for marinated cheese to BBQ you know where to find me.....xo sherry